Wednesday, March 4, 2009

USA gives 30 Billion to Israel and 900 Million to Gaza

The American taxpayers' contribution to the Ramallah government's bank account is dwarfed by the large sums the U.S. government donates to Israel every year.
The extent of the funding pledged to the Palestinian Authority by donor countries reflects the extent of their support for Israel and its policies.

The Clinton and Bush administrations - and Barack Obama appears to be following in their footsteps - erased the phrase "Israeli occupation" from their dictionaries and collaborated with Israel in ignoring its commitments as enshrined in international law.
The billions of dollars that Israel receives from the United States for weapons and defense development - which played a significant role in the destruction in the Gaza Strip - are part of Israel's successful propaganda, which presents the Rafah tunnels and Grad rockets as a strategic threat and part of the Islamic terror offensive against enlightened countries.
The West has blown the Hamas movement out of proportion, exaggerating its military might to the point of mendacity;

Every cent paid to the Palestinians - whether for the Ramallah government's budget or medical treatment of children wounded by Israeli pilots or soldiers - lets Israel know that it can continue its efforts to force a capitulation deal on the Palestinian elite.
Only by recognizing that surrender is the goal can one understand that 16 years after Oslo, no Palestinian state was established. When did Shimon Peres, Ariel Sharon and Tzipi Livni begin talking about two states? Only after their bulldozers and military bureaucrats crushed the realistic physical basis of a Palestinian state.

Support for Israeli policy - this is the only way to understand the fact that other countries keep pouring in hundreds of millions of dollars meant to put out the fires set by this policy, without extinguishing the source of the blaze.


  1. this is outrages they are giving money to the israelis funding there military army and then when the israelis attack the palestines they claim they have nothing to do with it. then they wonder why there are so many islamic extremist they are only giving the palestines enough money to rebuild teh damage they caused yet giving more to the isrealis so tehy can destroy what the palestines have rebuilt.the israelis and americans have left thousands of palestines to suffer, yet we have not heard one apology from the americans or israelis for they pain and misery they havve inflicted upon the palestines. americans and the british you continue wondering why the islamic extremist are attacking you well the answers staring you right in the face

  2. actually usa gets great air-craft systems and weapons that was created in israel-that what that money for. as soon as gaza will be able to create high-quality military tech. i am sure they will get billions of usd also. interesting fact-the air-craft sys. that israel produce to usa israel cant afford to itself-its too expencive..