Friday, March 27, 2009

Boycott APARTHEID Israel!

The evidence is overwhelming. Israel is an Apartheid State and practices Institutionalized Genocide and Anti-Semitism against the People of Palestine.

"Several homes visited by the AP this week still had graffiti in Hebrew scribbled on the walls. "Death to the Arabs," read one inscription in a house near where Mahdiyeh Ayyad's body was found.

"The eternal people have no fear," read another. "Long live the Jewish people," was scrawled elsewhere, alongside Stars of David and four-letter English words describing Hamas and Gaza. Crude holes for snipers were covered with plastic sheeting or stuffed with cloth."

Israeli soldiers told of vandalizing homes they seized to use as army posts, as well as relaxed rules of engagement, including hasty shooting at civilians.


  1. BDS!

    The following is in response to your Native American Indian post, but the post was so good, this thought didn't last long...

    Don't mean to be contrary, but the siege has been going on since HAMAS was elected. Israel's war-fare has escalated slowly but surely since then. The current situation is more a blockade, demonstrating an intention on the part of Israel to use any and all means possible to discomfort the inconvenient Palestinian population of Gaza.


    for same.

  3. Thanks Margaret.
    I agree the cause of the current seige.
    However, I believe the seige is meant to do a great deal more than inconvenience the Palestinian population. It is part of a very old plan to rid Israel of Arabs.

    Thanks for the links.