Tuesday, March 24, 2009

International Solidarity Movement Violence Report

Every week I get a report from the International Solidarity Movement on the notable actions and virtually unprovoked violence against the people of Gaza. These are stories written by Palestinians and International activists who journey to the occupied territories to put their bodies between - Palestinians trying to harvest Parsley, Olives, rebuild their homes, or just get delivered to a hospital safely - and Israeli military forces who constantly fire harrassing volleys at their feet in an attempt to drive them not only from their gardens, but out of Palestine altogether. Unfortunately, many International Activists who have come to Palestine to shield the people from Israeli fire, have themselves been wounded or killed. The theory is that Israel doesn't want the bad PR of hitting activists from other countries. But, I think - like a hungry lion who suffers no consequences for his actions - the Israeli's are getting bolder and more deadly all the time.

Here is the pasted link to the website. It reads like one of the best spy or action books, but it is all true.
I suggest subscribing to their weekly summary and if after you do, you may be moved to do as I did and send a donation. They send you back an amazing book full of personal Palestinian stories of faith and courage, but also of devastating loss.
It is good for the soul of those who are trying to make the world a better place and want to know how they can make a meaningful contribution.
Any who knows? Like me, you might meet and make friends with some of the most courageous and moral people in the world. I get so much hope for mankind from my new friends.

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