Saturday, March 14, 2009

UN and 7 Nations Don't Block Israeli Arms Shipments

The casualty report in the ongoing Gaza Massacre on day 75 stands at:
Palestinian: 6805, Israel: 153.

In an ironic act, given the disproportionate statistics, the UN and 7 nations have decided to send warships to the coast of Gaza in an attempt to block Gaza from receiving weapons.

There is no mention of any kind of any action by any nation, to block weapons shipments to Israel...the overwhelming aggressor, who operates as an outlaw nation, rejecting any adherence to international law.

Gaza is still an open air prison where the inhabitants are subject to Israeli aircraft bombs and missiles, and cannon fire and missiles from Israeli warships off Gaza's coast.
Israel controls all borders and the people are being starved of the basics of life.
Extra judicial executions are common place.
In other words, Israel is a terrorist occupying force and has enlisted the support of the UN and 7 other nations to further isolate Gaza.

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  1. I am so pissed! I had a comment to post on Mondoweiss about racism and the Israeli State (see Signs of Racism )
    when, suddenly, the comment function was no longer enabled.

    Actually, I consider this an imprimateur of sorts: Phil Weiss is "doing it right."

    What is it about totalitarism that cannot stand free speech? The Israeli State is truly sociopathic: It cannot stand up to criticism, instead must shut it down.

    Too bad, so sad! Down the tubes goes the IDF, the Israeli State and all those who insist that racism is necessary for you and me to be safe, secure and comfortable.

    Because, you know, that's like the 1930's: gone, over, sooo yesterday.


  2. I often have trouble posting. A lot of the time it is because I don't know the ropes and what buttons to click. Usually if I post twice, it gets through. If I want to post something long, I put it in a word doc first so I don't lose it.

    Very often, the blog owner wants to check my comment before posting it. That's understandable. But I hate sites like HuffPost who monitor every word. You have to be creative to get past their censors. I ad spaces, periods, punctuation marks, etc. inbetween the words to disguise the words they have their system set to reject. You'd think I was a real radical from that comment, but I'm pretty mild.

    I'm with you on the present ideology of the State of Israel. Easy to see where Cheney got his brainwashing.