Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Israel to "Stack the Deck" in Internet Searches

If you Google "Israel", it seems you get a bunch of Gaza Massacre images.
Hey, it's what people are interested in that gets the high Google rank.
People obviously want to see the results of Israeli Occupation/Terrorism Forces efforts.

In their typically dishonest manner, Israel has now decided to hire a bunch of geeks to flood the internet with beautiful photos of pastoral Israeli bliss.
Presently, when one "types in "Israel", unsightly images of bombarded housed in Gaza, or the nuclear facility in the southern city of Dimona, pop up on the screen. Not exactly vacation hotspots."

"In order to combat the PR impediment, the ministry, along with the Israeli Consulate General in New York, has decided it was time to fight back: The consulate has long been spearheading various innovative PR projects and now it stands to fly seven media experts to Israel, including video and stills photographers, who will be tasked with capturing the country's more beautiful and unfamiliar sides, on film."
What is it with these people??? Is everything about war???

"We've protested Google allowing photos of bombarded Gaza to be included in search results about Israel, but it has made it clear that users can upload any photo they please and that it has no control over it,"

By the way, I decided to Google "Israel Photos" and the first image was of a IDF/IOF/ITF woman on one knee pointing her rifle at the camera.
Beautifully ironic, don't you think?

The first image page showed 25 photos. There was only one more military photo, that of a line of Israeli aircraft. The remaining 23 photos were all beautiful shots of Israel or maps of Israel.

I typed in just "Israel" and got the same photos.
Sounds like Israel doesn't have much of a problem, but does have another news bite to showcase their "persecution complex".

"The fact of the matter is that Israeli surfers are rather indifferent, allowing the other side to dominate the web and upload its photos to harm the Israeli narrative. That's why we have decided to bring these experts to Israel. We want to see the internet flooded with the true images of beautiful Israel, free for anyone to use."
Are these people serious???
I'm sure everyone who Googles Israel, does so with the intent to do harm.
I guess the Massacre of Gaza isn't true (stay tuned: I think I'll get a list of deaths, injuries and destruction and post it on this site. You all can then decide if it looks real.

You know, it is just impossible not to stumble over examples of Israel trying to dishonestly manipulate world opinion. Has it ever been any different?

Isn't honesty a religious rule for them?

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