Friday, March 6, 2009

Pots of urine, feces in the refrigerator - how IDF troops vandalized Gaza homes

Israeli Terrorist Forces Defecate and Destroy The Homes They Occupied in Gaza.
Turns out winnning the hearts and minds of Gaza residents in not in the hearts and minds of the IDF/IOF/ITF (Israeli Terrorist Forces).
The troops appear to have behaved like pigs who wander, root and shit wherever they want to.
Interesting, since they seem to think they are the chosen people of God.
Interesting that they also seem to have been observing kosher rules as they behaved like pigs.
Kosher pigs????

A few examples are included here and you can read the whole article at the link provided at the end:

"In the midst of all of this were plastic bottles of urine and many closed bags - in some houses, olive-colored ones - of excrement. People assumed that the commanders stayed there. There are houses where excrement was smeared on the walls, or where dry piles of it were found in corners. In many cases, the smells indicated that soldiers had urinated on piles of clothing or inside a washing machine. In all the houses the toilets were overflowing and clogged, and there was filth all around. When the Abu Eidas returned to house No. 5 in Jabalya, they discovered pots of urine and excrement in the refrigerator..."

"On January 18, when the forces pulled out, similar sights awaited people whose homes had become military bases in their absence. There were bullet-pocked walls, ripped-up sofas and armchairs, smashed televisions and computers, shards of glass and porcelain dishes and broken wooden thresholds. Clothing was ripped up. And there were mountains of very Israeli garbage - empty tin cans, cardboard boxes, empty bags of potato chips and chocolate, and full bags of sugar and raspberry-flavored drinking powder. Everything was kosher for Passover under the supervision of the Chief Rabbinate. And there were Hebrew newspapers,.."

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