Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Strong Arab Woman Elected to Israeli Knesset

Maybe it's because I don't know where to look or maybe because most of what this woman says is mostly in Arabic, but I haven't heard of her before, but I love her already.

In my opinion, the West has a hard time hearing a clearly defined and commonsense voice from the Arab side in Palestine. Haneen appears to be this voice and a very courageous one at that.

I hope to hear more from her.
A Palestinian voice that drips commonsense in a way that America can understand, will soon have a huge, sympathetic following...and be able to sell the Palestinian cause.

Palestine needs a real leader. Could she be one?

"Haneen Zuabi, the first woman to be elected to the Knesset as a representative of an Arab party, has welcomed Iran's growing influence on Palestinian affairs and praised Iran's quest for a nuclear weapon as a means of offsetting Israel's regional military edge. Having Israel as the region's sole nuclear power, she said, was "dangerous to the world."

"She said Iran's role in Palestinian affairs was "more useful" than that of regimes like Jordan and Egypt, in that Iran stood more firmly "against occupation than a lot of the Arab countries. This is our interest."

"Zuabi was asked if she felt worried, living among Jews, that Iran was getting close to acquiring a nuclear weapon. She replied: "No, I am not." Indeed, she said was "more afraid from the Israeli nuclear [weapons]."

Israel is thought to have between 150 and 300 nuclear warheads.

"When asked if she thought that Israel would use nuclear weapons, she replied, "The Israelis? I think yes… And I am afraid from real risk rather than from potential risk."

"Every day the Israeli [army] uses its violence, army violence."
"The Israeli violence of the army is an outcome of Israel's convenient feeling that no one will restrict her, that no Arab country will really declare a war against [Israel]."

"She added: "I believe that [Israel] would respect its use of power if she's afraid of others. The fact that [Israel]is not afraid of Arab countries, the fact that [Israel]is not afraid of a potential declaration of our Arab world to declare war against Israel, makes Israel more violent. You understand me?"

"Asked whether an Iranian bomb would make America nervous and lead to more US pressure on Israel, and whether that would be good from her point of view, Zuabi replied: "Exactly."

"Zuabi declared that the very concept of a Jewish state was "inherently racist", saying that Israel must be turned into a "state of all its citizens," which would eliminate its Jewish or Zionist nature. "

"When you agree with the 'Jewish state' idea, you necessarily agree with the idea of loyalty to this state. Rejecting the 'Jewish state' concept will block the road for anyone who demands our loyalty to such a state. There is no logic in demanding that I be loyal to an idea to which I do not agree to begin with, especially since I am proposing an alternative and fighting for it… The language of democracy does not speak of loyalty. This is a language of fascism, just like Lieberman. The language of democracy speaks of rights, equality, and values."

Full article: http://www.jpost.com/servlet/Satellite?cid=1238423651844&pagename=JPost/JPArticle/ShowFull


  1. I am waiting eagerly for the opportunity to quote your article somewhere. What a lovely depiction of a person you've given us, just when a few familiar faces are needed to give life to America's view of who other people in the world really are.

    I agree with her perspective, and think she shows great courage in her forthright statements - ttp.


  2. I hope I'm not naive about her. I hear so much about Palestians being split between Hamas and Fatah factions, with Fatah said to be the collaborators.
    I have no idea what her affiliation is, but she sounds hopeful to me.

    We really need a face and a voice that is very easy on the eyes and ears to Americans. I hate to talk "packaging", but it is reality for where America is at, today.

  3. Not only is it the reality, but Israel is very much on it.

    I empathize with the feeling of exposure. A friend reminded me about "IMO" - we are subject to disinformation, yet have to recognize our own misunderstandings when they occur.

    Interesting that this floated out there about the time of the attempted disenfranchisement of the Arab Knesset representatives in the recent election.

  4. I am proud to hear about her that she is elected to the Kenesset. It is like fighting the Zoionist mafia using their own tricks.
    I hope President Obama will invite her to the white house or when he is traveling to the region in the summer could have time to speak with her.

    The realty is Not Obama and Not Hanneen who shapes the American foreign policy specially to Israel and the Middle east it is AIPAC.


    Maher Abu-Mallouh
    Plaestinian -American

  5. I agree Maher,
    I think it is also the people who write Obama's briefing papers...the information he reads to inform his opinion.
    I think too many people who write his papers are in the service of AIPAC.