Monday, February 23, 2009

A Pointless Little Peace Exercise

See who in the world you look like.
I know it is a mostly meaningless exercise, but I'm so depressed focusing on all the bad news, I thought I'd throw in something frivilous and fun.

Of course I'm hoping while you look at the people you look like, you will think of yourself as a part of a Global Family.
I hope as you look into the eyes of people from cultures other than yours, it might stir a bit of compassion and awareness in you that will stay with you for awhile...maybe even influence your actions.

It's not a perfect exercise, since you will be seeing what celebrity you look like instead of what bombed Palestinian, spyed on Iranian or demonized freedom fighter, or ignored American Indian, look like, but you'll get my point.

Here is the link. All you do is upload a photo of yourself and Bam! You get to see if you look like Ghandi or Paris Hilton...among others.

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