Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Did Hillary say "Islamist" like it was a dirty word?

Hillary Clinton has just repeated the same old, tired, thoughtless, non-starter conditions which have been repeated for generations.

"The United States wants to work with all parties to settle the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, but the Islamist group Hamas must renounce violence, recognize Israel and respect past peace agreements", U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said on Tuesday.
Did she just say "Islamist" like it was some sort of dirty word?

Moving on:
What did she have to say about what she requires from Israel in her peace efforts?
Nothing. Nada. Zero. Zip. Zilch!
I guess Israel just shows up, receives gifts from the Palestinians and gives nothing in return.

Not a word from Hillary about Israel renouncing violence...not even unlawful violence...like not bombing schools, hospitals, medics, UN installations, civilians, food production, snipers shooting farmers, and indiscriminate attacks using non-directional-specific weapons, etc.

Not a word from Hillary about Israel respecting past peace agreements...like violating cease fires, opening borders, facilitating economic growth, returning confiscated property, conducting meaningful investigations into Israeli abuse, etc.

Not a word from Hillary about Israel formally recognizing the right of the Palestinian people to exist.
Can anyone with fair and honest intentions fail to highlight the rights of the indigenous population?
For a detailed list of Israel's violations of law:

Commonsense must be employed in understanding Obama Administration intent.

First, Obama gave his famous Al Arabiya interview to a friendly paper that never criticizes the status quo. The paper speaks for the repressive Arab governments. Obama never mentioned listening to the voice of the Palestinian people, only the voice of the Palestinian government that the USA and Israel replaced the freely elected Hamas government with.

Second, elected USA officials receive a lot of money from Israel lobbying organizations, but none from any Arab organizations that are not "approved" by the USA. This means, puppet Arab governments and organizations set up by the USA are welcome to lobby, but not any other Arab voices. Result: Israel tells both sides of the story. Nice scam.

Third, Who are the Middle East Advisors, to Obama, Clinton, Mitchell, etc?
The majority have a solid pro-Israel past.
So far, I have seen not a single Arab advisor appointed to any senior position in either Obama's, Clinton's or Mitchell's staffs.
Not one!

More Commonsense:
How can anyone "think" the conditions for Palestinians will materially change for the better when Israel is not criticized, let alone condemned?
How can anyone "think" ignoring the voice and the will of the people affected, is going to bear fruit?
How can anyone "think" President Obama will be receptive to Palestinian points of view, when he has no Arab advisors, let alone Palestinian ones?

I put "think" in quotes because it would seem...if the Obama administration were of good intent...they would recognize this deficiency in the incompleteness of the information they have and will receive. Without it, how can they make a they make a fair peace initiative?

But at best, it appears there is no thinking involved. It all seems like the same, decades old "reaction" again.
A reaction to the propaganda FOR the Israel position and a reaction to the propaganda AGAINST the Palestinian position.

But, these are all smart people. Clinton, Mitchell, Obama.
They know the deck is stacked.

What can we expect?
Hillary will cobble together a bunch of puppets and call it the new Palestinian government.
They will help train and arm the new government, which will try to silence the voice of the people...any voice that is not in tune with the puppet choir.
And the struggle will go on, because, the Peace Charlatans will have again treated the symptoms rather than the cause.

Late Update:
Brooklyn Man Jailed for Distributing Lebanese TV Channel
In other media news, a Pakistani American who owns a satellite TV company in Brooklyn has pleaded guilty to providing material aid to a terrorist organization. Javed Iqbal was accused of providing the aid by letting customers receive broadcasts from a Lebanese TV station tied to Hezbollah. Prosecutors said Iqbal used satellite dishes on his Staten Island home to distribute television broadcasts of Al Manar. Iqbal faces up to six-and-a-half years in prison. He has lived in the United States for twenty years and is the father of five children.

See what I said? Silence all but the state approved news. Don't give the oppressed a voice.
- Terry Allen -

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