Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Obama Names A Jew to Negotiate With Iran

Dennis Ross, Chairman of the Israeli government funded, Jewish People Policy Planning Institute, has been named Special U.S. Envoy to Iran.

Say you were trying to calm tensions in your neighborhood between a Jewish family and an Iranian one. Would you send a Jew to mediate the conflict?
Ross has a long history of involvement in middle east peace politics, but precious little success.
His team was known as "Israel's Lawyer".
He tried in the past to negotiate an Israel/Palestinian peace deal, but was criticized by both sides...especially by the Palestinians who felt a Jew could not be unbiased in the capacity of mediator between the two parties. Duh!

Basically, Ross starts his new job with a threat to Iran:
"Ross outlined what he said was a "sticks-then-carrots" approach to engaging Iran: Rallying the international community to tighten sanctions and then offering incentives to have the Islamic Republic stand down from its suspected nuclear weapons program."

What he will do:
Ross, a noted supporter of the George Bush's Iraq War, "will provide to the Secretary and senior State Department officials strategic advice and perspective on the region; offer assessments and also act to ensure effective policy integration throughout the region; coordinate with senior officials in the development and formulation of new policy approaches; and participate, at the request of the secretary, in inter-agency activities related to the region."

Forecast: If Obama were to also appoint as a Special Envoy, an Iranian, to be part of the peace team, then the effort might bear some fruit.
As it is, this is a pointless exercise. Pointless for it's stated intentions...but probably Nuts Dead On target for the unstated one.

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