Saturday, February 21, 2009

Obama Continues to Disappoint - BIGTIME -

I'm seeing less and less daylight between Bush and Obama all the time.

No Prisoner Rights:
I awoke to the news this morning that Obama is not going to give prisoners picked up on the battlefield, access to attorneys or courts.
Well, on the surface this sounds okay. That has been the rule in conflict forever.
The difference here though is, the War on Terror has been defined by all as a War Without End.
This effectively means the military can hold a prisoner forever...without access to attorneys or courts.

But, I thought Obama had promised something different:
Does anyone else remember him saying we were going to have one standard of human rights for all people?

Bushama behavior:
Renditions. You know, the practice of picking up people on the battlefield and taking them to another country and asking that countries security services to question them for us?
Why do we do that? So harsh interrogation methods and treatment can be used to try to get info from these suspects.
I guess we are going to keep doing that.

More Bushama Behavior:
Remember the British court case where a British citizen claims he was flown all over the place and tortured? Well, Obama has decided not to open files that allow this man to continue his case.
They say it is a state secret how they fly people around to be interrogated and tortured. Obama says he is not going to fly them to places they are at risk of being tortured, but can't help this British citizen pursue his case even if he was tortured.

More disappointment and broken Campaign Promises?
It looks like Health Care is out the window. A sure sign is the trial balloon floated late Friday that Obama has changed his mind and will not created a Health Czar position in his cabinet.
Seems like a sure signal that American will continue to have 40 million without access to meaningful health care.

I have already talked about Obama's staffing choices for various foriegn policy posts that heavily favor the Israeli point of view.
So we know we will have the same middle east policies, but under a different color of wrapping paper. Picture this political cartoon: Obama's head up Netanyahu's ass, and Obama saying: "I appreciate a fair an open discussion on both sides of the issue".

I could go on and on, it seems. There just seems to be an avalanche of broken promises rolling over the hopeful American's who put him in office.

Can you tell, I'm really depressed this morning?
I think I'm going to go to the Go-Kart track and run some people off the road.

- Terry Allen -

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