Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Gaza Tunnel Update: Impending Disaster?

"No matter what the Israelis do, we're steadfast," one tunnel owner, who identifies himself as Abu Ahmed, says as he sits in an outdoor courtyard within sight of the border. "But this? This could slaughter our country and our economy."

Under pressure from the United States and Israel, Egypt is imposing stronger checkpoints throughout the Sinai peninsula to prevent merchandise from reaching the tunnel zone.

The tunnel owners deny that they smuggle weapons, saying rockets pass through secret Hamas-run tunnels that are deeper and more fortified and extend much farther across the border.

"Think about it. The weapons tunnels aren't these guys out in the open here," an owner named Abu Baraa says, pointing to the diggers around him. "I bring through potato chips, Cadbury bars and Pampers."

Looks more and more like starving the prisoners of Gaza into submission.
Isn't starving people to death, Genocide? Isn't starving all Gazan's in order to get at Hamas called "collective punishment" and against the Geneva Conventions?

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