Monday, January 26, 2009

Pirates or Freedom Fighters?

I'm sure you have all been titillated by all the news about Pirates.
I have.
Armed, half dressed, crazy, but brave Somali's who apparently, run around in high speed inflatable boats and take over freighters and hold them for ransom.

As usual, that is all we have heard. We are led to assume it is all about crime and money.
Well, maybe it is, but maybe it is not the Somali Pirates who are the real criminals. The real Pirates.

It seems major nations have been dumping their industrial waste off the shores of Somalia. This has effectively destroyed their fisheries and sickened their populations.

Johann Hari of The Independant, has an amazingly revealing article on "the other side of the story".

It is about more than fishing.
It is more like a Robert Ludlum novel.

By the way: Do you realize that the USA hired Pirates during our Revolutionary war?
Once again, there is more to the story than the Corporate Media and our Governments wish us to know.

So, pour another cup, sit back and enjoy the adventure.

- Terry Allen -

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  1. Pretty enlightening article. So much depends on your point of view, and there's usually at least two good ones to every issue. I've still never had anybody, to my satisfaction, define "terrorist" and also explain what set the raiders at the Boston Tea Party apart from terrorists.

  2. I've often thought of the Boston Tea Party, too.
    I often think "terrorism" is a word that is over used. But, also is under-used in some cases.

    When Andrew Jackson got laws passed to move the Indians white men could take their stuff and not have to cope with living close to another uncomfortable culture, I think that was Institutional terrorism. I think it was also genocide.

  3. Pirates or Freedom Fighters?


  4. Pirates, pirates, pirates! If Obama listens to your "point of view." Than we're in greater trouble than you care to admit.

  5. so you are saying this ship was in that area to dump waste???

  6. Somalia is abandoned nation. The country is home to anarchy and chaos; but make not mistake, these problems are not water borne diseases, they are symptoms of mass and constant divisions championed by many developed nations who don't want to a peaceful Somalia nation.