Friday, January 23, 2009

Gas on Israel & Lebanon Border Cause for Dispute!

A new player in the game of Middle East Dominance has elbowed it's way into a place at the table.

Nobel Energy, the USA based exploration company, in partnership with Israel and other partners, has discovered a large natural gas deposit off the coast of Haifa, on the border of Lebanon.
As the gas lays on the border, the potential for conflict is obvious. To further complicate the issue, is "directional drilling".

Though this is a legitimate and useful tool in efficiently extracting oil and gas when used properly, it has also long been a tool for tapping gas and oil reserves that lay under a "neighbors" property. Though this ability was discovered in the late 1920's, in the Wild West atmosphere that is the world of exploration, the practice continues to this day.

Iraq claimed Kuwait was drilling into Iraqi fields and used it as a part of it's case for war. After the war, the borders were re-drawn and Kuwait now owns the wells that were on the Iraqi side.

It doesn't look good:
Combine a rush to claim and exploit disputed and diminishing natural resources, with unstable religious, political and territorial conditions and it begins to look like the Wild West in the Middle East.

Karin Kloosterman presents an in depth look at the situation, complete with good links at:

It will be interesting to see what face, the powers that be put on issue if the shooting starts up over this issue (can anyone realistically believe it won't?). Will Lebanon be accused of firing rockets, will Israel be accused of sending hit teams, will "Terrorism" be the watchword of the day and will the corporations use the armies of both in a no holds barred cage match that again spills over and engulfs the innocents?

Will someone call "BullShit?
As usual, will there be no mention in the Main Stream Media about the real origin of the conflict?
Will they simply not care about "following the money" and calling "Bullshit" on the perpetrators? Will they not insist the parties simply resolve the issue in a business like manner?
Very seldom are courtrooms the scene of bloody conflict...of course this course would cut into the value-added products: Munitions.

In a land where the indigenous people still struggle for a homeland and equal rights, conflict is a given; until their voices are heard, respected...and they get their fair slice of the pie.

- Terry Allen -

Remember to play Kevin Bacon's Six Degrees of Separation and get this information, into Obama's Ear.

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