Thursday, January 22, 2009

Is the Gaza War about Stealing Palestine's Gas and Oil?

Dear Mr. President,
As you know, there is often a public face and a private face to a sensitive issue.
It is possible, the reason's for current wars in Palestine are much deeper than the public story tells.

Israel has sold the rights to the gas fields off Gaza to "British Gas (BG Group) and its partner, the Athens based Consolidated Contractors International Company (CCC)... in a 25 year agreement...".

Obviously, the Palestinian's, who technically "own" this land and water and the gas beneath it are upset that their natural resources are being taken from them against their will, much as land and resources of the American Indian were taken from using broken promises and bloody conflict.

The linked, in depth study by Michel Chossudovsky of Global Reasearch, will provide you with all the maps and details you need to get an understanding from the Palestinian perspective, you most likely are not getting from your advisors and certainly not from our main stream media.

We ask you to fulfill your pledge to look at all sides of the issue, as you seek to find a long term solution which is fair and honest.

Additionally, please remember, there are at least two parties in Palestine that have a voice. Both Fatah and Hamas. Remember also, Hamas was elected in a fair and democratic election verified by President Jimmy Carter and the United Nations. There are reasons why the population voted for Hamas and and not Fatah. There can be no full understanding and certainly no peace unless both Palestinian voices are heard and respected.

Friends of this blog:
Let us all use Kevin Bacon's Six Degrees of Separation principle, to get this information into Obama's Ear. This means Obama's Ear as well as to Obama's "Special Middle East Envoy" George Mitchell.

- Terry Allen -


  1. The gas and oil may not be the sole reason behind the war, but I'll bet they sure made it easier for Israel to pull the invasion trigger. Good info...gotta go finish digesting those links...

  2. Yep, just one of the reasons.
    There are many parties to conflict and they all have their own interests.