Friday, January 30, 2009

Okay to Kill up to 10 Civilians per Strike.

A classified letter by the NATO commander U.S. General John Craddock, in Afghanistan orders the killing of civilians and impoverished farmers. No proof that they are insurgents is required. Just kill them.

The directive was sent on Jan. 5 to Egon Ramms, the German leader at NATO Command in Brunssum, Netherlands, which is currently in charge of the NATO ISAF mission, as well as David McKiernan, the commander of the ISAF peacekeeping force in Afghanistan. Neither want to follow it. Both consider the order to be illegitimate and believe it violates both ISAF rules of engagement and international law, the "Law of Armed Conflict."

"The US general, who is considered a loyal Bush man and fears that he could be replaced by the new US president, has already made his intention known internally that he would like to relieve any commander who doesn't want to follow his instructions...",1518,604183,00.html

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