Thursday, May 7, 2009

AIPAC Lobbies To Prevent Peace Talks

AIPAC Launches Campaign to Prevent Peace Talks

The pro-Israeli government lobby group AIPAC has launched a new campaign to prevent the Obama administration from pressuring Israel to engage in peace talks.

AIPAC is urging lawmakers to sign onto a congressional measure that urges Obama not to dictate how Israel negotiates with Palestinian leaders.

The administration says it supports a two-state solution, though it hasn’t called for a full Israeli withdrawal from the Occupied Territories where a Palestinian state would be created.

Israel opposes the two-state solution and wants to retain Jewish-only settlements in the occupied West Bank.

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  1. Hey Xman, I've dropped by several times and started to post, but am almost always at a complete loss of words. But some thoughts have welled up...

    The Israeli government (nothing against the Israeli people, many of whom are helplessly along for the ride as many of us Americans were along for the ride during the Bush regime, as many of the Germans were along for the ride when Auschwitz was smoking under Hitler...) seems to have embraced the same darkness and evil spirit that possessed the Nazis. Israel reminds me of an abused child we've pitied so much that we now find it hard to grasp that the child has grown up and turned psychopath. Despite repeated attempts by the UN, Red Cross, and other international organizations to reel in the beast, Israel's hypocrisy continues to exceed all bounds. Israel's behavior mimics that of a child begging for a spanking, and I think Israel actually despises the rest of the world for not standing up to it. And until the rest of the world puts its foot down (and the Obama administration flirts with the idea, but you can tell, like the too-loving parent of a spoiled-rotten bully, the Obama administration would really rather not think about the uncontrollable brat...), I think Israel will go on ramping up the outburst, beating up on the weakest kids on the playground in an ultimately doomed attempt to shake a super-bad inferiority complex based mostly on the country's own imaginings.

  2. I agree, Joe.
    Jews/Israel is not monolithic. J Street is a great example. There are many more.

    I have a few random thoughts about why they continue their self-destructive behavior.

    I thought Leon Uris's Exodus was really how things were. Now I realize that version of Israel never existed and doesn't exist now. It was painful to learn this.

    I also know that when one is raised from birth as a Chosenite, they really are not to blame for their superior image of themselves....up to a point. It must be hard to ignore that point when they see that they help in the suppression of a whole other culture.

    The Holocaust industry, anti-Semitism and a persecution complex both feeds what is bad and destroys what can be good in their culture. It is living in a bygone era and thinking it is reality.

    Finally, I think a lot of people are happy to keep this sad gane going. There is great money and great power in doing so. Are they above the common conditioning and are just evil people? Probably not, but greed and power are seductive and mans ability to self-justify is almost impossible to defeat.

    If we started teaching a new reality, would still be several generations before there was a noticeable improvement.

    And of course, much of the same can be said of the Arabs.

    I've just talked myself into a hopeless feeling now. I don't like it...and I suspect that is why it has also been hard for you to comment on the subject as well.

    The Arabs are in misery. Until the Israeli's are in equal misery, I don't think anything will change. Of course, due to their many complexes, they think they are in misery.

    Giving up for now.