Wednesday, May 27, 2009

13 Million Jews and 1 Billion Muslims

There are 13 million Jews in the world.
There are 325 million Arabs in the world.
There are 1 billion Muslims in the world.

It is a Perfect Storm.

What I can only guess at however, is how many Muslims or Arabs hate Jews or Zionists or the Apartheid policies and War Criminal policies of Israel.
Try as I might, I have been unable to come up with any reason why any Arabs or Muslims should love Jews.

I would be afraid to be hated by a 25 to 1 ratio (Arab to Jew). Or, even worse, I would hate to be hated by a 77 to 1 ration (Muslim to Jew).

I can see why Israel and Jews say they fear Arabs and Muslims. What I see no evidence of, is that supposed fear, actually creating in Jews or Israeli's as a whole, a strong desire, coupled with actions that dramatically lessen the perceived threat.
If I were a Jew, I would be figuring out what pisses them off and both make amends for past offences and stop doing what currently offends.

This brings me to Palestine.
Setting aside the whole "Jews stole Palestine" thing, if I were a Jew, I would be treating the Palestinians as if they were an aggrieved member of my immediate family. I would be bending over backwards to make things right. I would be doing everything in my power to reduce the ratio of people who actually hated me enough to wipe my regime from the pages of history.

But instead they blunder on, seemingly oblivious to the fact that at a signal....every Jew on the planet could be wrestled to the ground by anywhere from 25 to 77 Muslims.
Unfortunately for the Palestinians, the Muslims don't seem to recognize their strength and their ability to help their brothers and sisters who are imprisoned in the largest prison in the world.

This works out well for Israel...
But, Israel also likes having the only bomb in the region. Iran's supposed pursuit of the bomb seems to be a big thing for Israel. I guess it is. It would make it awfully hard for Israel to continue to treat people as badly as they have.

Maybe Israel even feels they have passed the point of no return long ago and there is no way Muslims will let them get away without punishment. So, they have to keep Iran from getting the bomb.
Of course, most of the other Arab nations in the region are puppets of the USA, but once the actual people of these countries saw that Iran could stand up to the bully (Israel and USA), there would be a mass Islamic revolution and those puppet governments would fall and the people would seek revenge.

This is what Israel fears...and they are correct to fear it, because they are doing nothing to stop it. Fighting it won't stop it...just delay the inevitability of their own destruction. Giving in to it is the only possible way for Jews to remain in the middle east.

It is simply a matter of 4 things coming together in a perfect storm:
1. The illegality and crimes of a Rogue state.
2. Overwhelming numbers of opposing forces.
3. Growing awareness of the rest of the world.
4. One activist Muslim country acquiring the bomb.

Once Iran (or the rebels in Pakistan) acquires the bomb, the Muslim world will look to the man or woman who possesses it and ask that person for collective justice.


  1. As I am Arabic an muslim person I see all what you are saying is logic. except one thing that is: "Of course, most of the other Arab nations in the region are puppets of the USA" maybe the governments but not the nations. we have good faith in god who created Jews, Christian and muslims in the first place and he does not accept injustice and we don't accept the injustice as well. Obama we would be a real friends.. wish have new start.

  2. Thanks.
    I agree.
    As imperfect as the nations are, they are better than the governments.
    It does give me hope also.

  3. Wow,
    You are about as big a moron as they come.

  4. Did you ever consider that maybe the Jews in the area are simply there because their leaders sold them houses there to make lives for themselves, and that maybe it's not the Jewish people causing most of the problems but the Jewish leaders?

  5. This statement is almost too naive to belive: "If I were a Jew, I would be figuring out what pisses them off and both make amends for past offences and stop doing what currently offends."

    Did you ever consider the possibility - which is in fact the truth - that the mere existence of any state of Israel is what "offends" these Muslims? Do you not read and/or believe the statements by generations of Muslims that they want to drive the Jews to the sea and destroy any country called Israel? If someone wants you dead for the mere reason that you are alive, does it make any sense to try to understand why he/she is "offended" and to change your ways as a result?

    You seem to have your heart in the right place, but you are terribly, terribly misinformed and/or naive. The Palestinians have had many chances to form a state. They have rejected them all in an attempt to destroy Israel. Before 1967, there were no occupied territories, but the Arabs tried to destroy Israel nonetheless. Not long ago, Israel did exactly what you suggest here and left Gaza so that the Palestinians could rule it themselves. Instead of trying to form a state, the Palestinians used the opportunity to shoot rockets into Israel proper. You, my friend, are assuming a set of standards that just don't apply to the Palestinian leadership.

  6. "These Muslims"- Sounds a bit Zionist of you. And As an Arabian Muslim your occupation of our motherland, your massacre of our children, your destruction of our daily lives, and the despicable ethnic cleansing of our kind- is a threat. Zionism is Reverse Nazism. Like your kind was exterminated, you in return displace that hostility on our people. It is the Israeli Army that bombards mosques, schools, and hospital, all the densely populated areas where innocent civilians are displaced, harmed, injured... murdered by THEIR KIND. But Long Live Palestine!

  7. Excuse you, but what opportunity have the Zionist presented to the Palestinians. They have from the start illegally occupied the West Bank and parts of Lebanon, not until 1967 war? They bombard the Hamas- free zones, the borders, the refugee camps in order to instill fear and move the already displaced indigenous people away to claim more land for themselves.

  8. I think the sad part of this all talk is how personal we get in talking about this situation... because its so deeply embedded into use and we have all been so misinformed with what is going on... A jew myself i support ISRAEL and the country for what it is.. a jewish state but feel on the counterparts of Palestine who should feel like they have been taken advantage of and exploited in a way... but its for the mere reason for our security and the fact of the matter that realistically, you see our political leaders and the direction we are going, it is like the American Colonization from Indian native lands. We have driven Palestines to a small remote land, and are sucking the life out of them because there government is a illegitimate terrorist group, that has several ties with Al-qadea and other horrific ataccks on civillans. What I would like to say though is ISRAEL will prevail because we are the superpower in that region and that " One Man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter"

  9. Peace will come to middle east when Israel will become a binational state in which Jews and Palestinians will enjoy equal rights. Just like in South Africa, the struggle will continue until equality is established. One state for all with equal rights is the way to go.

    Kohen Razinsky from Haifa, Israel

  10. Al Quds Day Demonstration

    Show your support for Palestine, join the annual Al-Quds Day demonstration in London on Saturday 4th September.

    Assembling at 2pm at Marble Arch (nearest underground: Marble Arch), marching to the US Embassy (Grosvenor Square) for a rally.

    Speakers Include:
    Sheikh Bahmanpour (Principal of Islamic College)
    Dr.Daud Abdullah (Director of Middle East Monitor)
    Rabbi Ahron Cohen (Netura Karta UK)
    Yvonne Ridley (Viva Palestina)
    Taji Mustafa (Hizb ut Tahrir)
    Roland Rance (Jews Against Zionism)
    Massoud Shadjareh (IHRC)